Important Information

'phone Numbers;

Landline 01803 525019     Mobile 07901 888586


34 manor Road, Preston, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 2HR

Cost of treatment; £35 treatment takes about 1 hour.



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Welcome to Acupuncture Torbay
Welcome to Acupuncture Torbay
Inside my Treatment room
My Treatment Room
Me pulse taking
Me pulse taking (I am greyer now!)
Needles in Tummy
A Patient with needles in her tummy
Before Cosmetic Acupuncture
Before having Cosmetic Acupuncture
After Cosmetic Acupuncture
The results
Bio-Magnetic Therapy
Bio-Magnetic Therapy back chart
Five Element Acupuncture
My Five Element Acupuncture chart
Moxibustion in action
Scalp Acupuncture
Scalp Acupuncture positions
Cupping for relaxation
Electro-Acupuncture in action
having fun
Having fun with a Patient

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