Acupuncture applied to the head

Scalp Acupuncture


I was taught this form of Acupuncture by John Tindall who is a foremost expert in its use. He conducted a course at the College of Chinese Integrated Medicine that I attended. The technique uses fine, long needles that are inserted under the scalp along set lines mostly at right angles to the front/back line of the Scalp. it is not painful but takes practice even for an Acupuncturist to get it right!


The technique is used to treat neurological and emotional problems and combines well with auricular(ear) Acupuncture. It can be used to treat conditions such as Stroke, M.E., M.S. Brain Injury caused by trauma, Post Traumatic Stress, mental and emotional health and pain management. I don't use the technique that often but I do know when to use it. Sometimes it is the only treatment for the job and sometimes I use it with other points to get an effect. It is another tool in my Acupuncture toolbox and like an 8mm socket for a Mechanic, an Acupuncturist doesn't use it often but when it is needed it is vital!


Scalp Acupuncture diagram


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