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  • Cosmetic Acupuncture 2

    article on my Cosmetic Acupuncture in Devon Today magazine How do I get started? First, you book in for a free assessment. During this assessment your medical history will be discussed and the pro’s and con’s of the treatment For instance, Abdominal...

  • Acupuncture in paignton first visit

    What happens first time? On Your first visit to Torbay Acupuncture Clinic you may be with me for up to 2 hours depending on your ailments although 1 hour is usually sufficient. I will spend time taking a diagnostic history, this will involve making...

  • Bio Magnetic therapy in Torbay

    level so that you are receiving treatment even when you are not in the Clinic! Kim has been trained in Musculoskeletal assessment and so will be able to tell where your problem originates then place the magnets as needed for the best effect. More...


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