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  • Other Therapies at Acupuncture Torbay

    All about the other Therapies at Acupuncture Torbay.
  • What is Acupuncture?

    Acupuncture in Paignton What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is performed by inserting small, sterile and disposable needles into points on the body that are recognised as Acupuncture Points. They are often on the Meridians.which are energy channels that...
  • Useful Links Torbay Acupuncture Clinic

    Links to other helpful items If you have a link that you think would be useful to people viewing this page, please let me know. i use links that are useful and offer good benefits, for instance GiffGaff have a very good signal in the Torbay area and...
  • ACUPUNCTURE TORBAY, for friendly one to one, Professional treatment.

    knowledge-base by achieving accreditations in, amongst other things, Bio-Magnetics and Tuina. As a Member of the Complementary Medical Association , I am bound by the Society's strict Code of Ethics and have to undert ake regular training modules as...
  • News from Torbay Acupuncture Clinic

    of influence a campaigning group called 'Sense about science' are having on the government. They are trying to destroy Complementary therapies especially Homeopathy it seems. Their 'evidence' is so flawed, they insist on having Placebo Controlled Trials...

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