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  • Acupuncture research and the World Health Organisation.

    working capacity of the heart in patients with angina pectoris and activated autoregulatory cardiovascular mechanisms in healthy persons. In controlled studies, acupuncture has provided significantly greater improvement in symptoms and cardiac work...

  • Useful Links Torbay Acupuncture Clinic

    Links to other helpful items If you have a link that you think would be useful to people viewing this page, please let me know. i use links that are useful and offer good benefits, for instance GiffGaff have a very good signal in the Torbay area and...

  • Acupuncture in paignton first visit

    to get better, then once per week, once every two weeks, once a month. Some patients come once per month anyway to keep healthy. If you have had a problem for a long time it is unlikely to get better after one treatment so please commit to a course of...

  • Menopause and Cosmetic Acupuncture

    women require frequentAcupuncture treatments during this time in order to treat any imbalances and to convey them on to a healthy course for older age. (menopause is not the end of a women's life in many ways it is the start of their freedom (km)) Thank...

  • Cupping in Torbay

    can be varied to suit the patient. For instance you would not want to use heavy cupping on an M.E. Patient but, a stressed, healthy Patient would be quite suitable. Cupping produces the tell tail marks that make it look as if you have been attacked by a...

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture at Acupuncture Torbay

    ely relaxed! (and is over 50). What results can I expect? Fine lines can go, deeper lines 'level out'. Skin becomes more healthy and fresh as the nourishment to the skin is improved. The tummy can become firmer and more toned. The International Journal...


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