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  • What is Acupuncture?

    disease was caused by bad 'spirits' to a form based on natural observations. The concepts of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements were formed. Needles were made of Bronze and Iron. 200 BC the 'Nei Jing' was published, this is the book that most...

  • Ear Acupuncture in Torbay

    Many people think that Ear (Auricular) Acupuncture is just for giving up smoking but this is not true although the point 'Shenmen' in the centre of the top of the ear is widley used for this. This chart shows some of the points with the corresponding...

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture 2

    article on my Cosmetic Acupuncture in Devon Today magazine How do I get started? First, you book in for a free assessment. During this assessment your medical history will be discussed and the pro’s and con’s of the treatment For instance, Abdominal...


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