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  • Cosmetic Acupuncture at Acupuncture Torbay

    Facial Rejuvination A Patient of Mine (in Torbay) Cosmetic Acupuncture was a system used in ancient times in China by The Empress and Consorts of the Emperor to keep them looking young. It has now been further developed in the USA by Dr Martha Lucas ,...

  • My favourite charity

    from using Patent herbs even though we are trained in this. I used to have good ethical Herbal suppliers here in the UK but because of the EUs actions they went out of business. I no longer use herbs and if a Patient wants them they will have to go to a...

  • Guasha

    Gua Sha or Therapeutic Scraping Gua sha is a healing technique of traditional East Asian medicine. Sometimes called ‘coining, spooning or scraping’, Gua sha is defined as instrument-assisted unidirectional press-stroking of a lubricated area of the...


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