Magnets used to align the body or

Bio-magnetic Therapy

How does it work?

By placing small magnets on specific points to alter your posture enabling your spine to line up vertically. If you are not aligned then there is uneven wear on the facets of the vertebra. This is linked to slipped disks and problems such as arthritis and spondalitis.


When you first come to see me and possibly at subsequent sessions you will be asked to undress to your underwear and stand on a special board that holds your feet in a good position. Then I will look at the way you are standing, how your spine lines up, if your shoulders and hips are level and if your neck is straight. I may also measure your legs when you are laying down to see if one is longer than the other. You would be surprised at how often this happens.                     

  What Happens?

Bio_Magnetic Therapy Back DiagramDuring the session small magnets may be placed on your back, neck, feet and hands, these will slowly align your body by producing a small electrical current between the magnets, this in turn tightens and loosens particular muscles. At the end of the session you may go away with smal l pieces of metal taped to your back. Don't worry you would not know that they are there and the tape is waterproof for protection. The pieces of metal also work on your muscles but at a more gentle level so that you are receiving treatment even when you are not in the Clinic!

Kim has been trained in Musculoskeletal assessment and so will be able to tell where your problem originates then place the magnets as needed for the best effect.


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