Often called Chinese Acupressure Massage


Tuina is thousands of years old, It is part of Chinese Medicine and needs a good knowledge of the theory of Chinese Medicine to practice it. It is sometimes referred to as "Chinese Acupressure Massage" but should not be confused with the "Acupressure Massage" often taught as evening classes at the local College. 

There are over 20 techniques used in Tuina and these use the fingers, palms, wrists, and elbows to invigorate Acupuncture points and Meridians. I mainly use it as an adjunctive therapy, that is alongside for instance, Acupuncture. If I have a Patient who's musculoskeletal problem is not getting better then I will often turn to Tuina to get things started. I have very occasionally just used Tuina but that is with Patients who are scared of needles. These days I usually use Tui Na as an adjunctive Therapy instead of on it's own. 

To learn Tuina from scratch with no knowledge of Chinese Medicine will take at least 3 years.

Me giving a Patient Tuina






Me giving a Patient Tuina for a sore lower back.


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