Dry Needling

Trigger Point Acupuncture

Trigger point acupuncture is a more aggressive, direct manipulation of muscular tightness (knots) - known as trigger points. It seeks to generate repeated, involuntary twitching from the suspect muscle or muscle group and usually leads to an immediate reduction of the tightness as well as a reduction or elimination of the related problems.

Whether the trigger points are caused by new or old injuries, improper or overtraining, incorrect posture or body mechanics, or just life, trigger point acupuncture returns the natural balance to your muscles. It is one of the safest ways to address physical problems and usually involves only some short-term muscular soreness caused by the involuntary twitching. The soreness is similar to post workout soreness.

This drug-free process involves using knowledge of probable muscular causes of your problem and hands-on touchto locate the unnatural tightness. Next, the acupuncturist inserts an ultra-thin, single-use acupuncture needle into the suspect muscle and gently probes looking to produce localized involuntary twitching. This reaction has the effect of fatiguing the tight muscle and producing an immediate reduction or elimination of the tightness. See video.

The probability of success can usually be determined within 1 to 3 treatments

(The above was written by Rhonda B. Hogan, C.A)

Trigger points on the neck





Trigger Points of the Neck








I have trained in this technique to improve my performance in treating muscular pain. I found other types of Acupuncture were not so effective when there were definate knots in the muscles. This is the technique favoured by Physiotherapists when they learn Acupuncture and is often termed 'Dry Needling' or even 'Medical Acupuncture'.  I find that this technique works well with Bio-Magnetic Therapy.

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