Where to find Acupuncture in Torbay

TQ3 2HR or 34 manor Road, Preston, Paignton

Map of Torbay Acupuncture Clinic in Paignton, devon

this map to goes to my Yell.com advert and Location page

If you follow Torbay Road it goes from Torquay through Preston (where I am) to Paignton, In Preston you come to a set of traffic lights with GAP recruitment on the corner painted Grey. Turn toward the seafront and I am the first on the left. TQ3 2HR No.34, I am before The Ship in between Big Baps and GAP.


Larger area


X marks the spot! I am on the Torquay side of Paignton but the number 12 bus goes from Brixham to Torquay and there is a bus stop almost outside the Clinic.


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